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LivingWELL IQ – preventative screening

Great starting point for improving onsite health and wellness culture! 

Assessments, specialized labs, follow-up consultations, and supllement resources

  • LivingWELL IQ lays the foundation for employees to improve their health by educating them on their health scores & top risk factors, providing lifestyle recommendations, and assistance with setting personal goals.
  • Employers benefit from overall participation data analysis through Executive Summaries, trend reporting, Productivity and Economic Benefit Reporting, strategy recommendations, and the identification of their populations’ most prevalent risk factors.

LivingWELL IQ +BYOP – preventative screening + Build Your Own Program

Excellent alternative if your company is not quite ready to offer a follow-up LivingWELL® lifestyle program, but want to provide your employees with additional program benefits!  You can build the right program for your team!

Build Your Own Program – cost dependent on your program service choices

  1. First you start with the base, the LivingWELL IQ Program
  2. Then you have the option to include:
    • One or more specialized labs
    • Additional consultations (choice of 1-3 sessions)
    • Workshops

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